Vi ses väl på releasefesten i Göteborg på lördag???

Rough Lynx + Local-Oskar står för musik & kungliga Containerakademin serverar den bästa maten du kan hitta. Självklart har du även chansen att köpa boken på plats. Men glöm inte KONTANTER för denna afton.

OSA om du ska komma, här är listan:

(ALLA som kommer MÅSTE stå på listan)

Läs mer om eventet här:

Hoppas att ni är lika peppade som oss!!!!!! Vi ses!!

GAME of SKATE i Helsingfors!

22 Augusti bjuder ”Girl Skate Association” i Finland in alla tjejer till Game of T.R.L.


/// 10+1 Years ///

§qGame of T.R.L.

We welcome you all gal skaters to join us, when Girl Skate Association’s Game of T.R.L. kicks in on Friday the 22nd of August at 6 PM in Helsinki Hermside-park. This year we are prepared to start early the Hookup weekend (a legendary Finnish skate competition weekend The game goes on as S.K.A.T.E. principles in three varieties: flat, small transition, curb. The game suits girl skaters in all levels. Trophies are given through out the games for good goers, kickers and those who exceed themselves, and of course the best is awarded generously.

It’s free of charge to participate and the organizers are Tyttörullalautailjat Ry (Girl Skate Association) Sponsors are Dakine and Stance. Participating on your own liability. Everyone is welcome to cheer the riders but the game is only for girls.

We think it would be absolutely superb and amazing to get you girls from out there across the boarders to participate and we are happy to help to organize accommodations, couch surfing etc. if needed!


Tyttörullalautailjat Ry (Girl Skate Association) Facebook sida: HÄR.